Join the Street Team!

What is a “Street Team”?

Hello everyone!

If you’re wanting to join Patrick W. Carr’s Street Team then you’re in the right place. This team is designed for people who are excited about my books and enthusiastic about spreading the word. You know who you are and soon I will too!

Due to the volume of Street Team requests, it may take a few days before you’re approved. And also please keep in mind that this is an application process. Not every applicant will be admitted into the street team. I’m somewhat limited in this by what I can get from my publisher.

I know that asking you to share your excitement with others your day-to-day life is a lot, especially if you’re somewhat introverted like me. Of course, sharing my love for books is an area where I can be obnoxiously extroverted. But anyway, along with my immense gratitude, you’ll have a few other perks for being a member of the Patrick W. Carr Street Team.  For now, Street Team members can expect:

  • Acceptance into an exclusive Facebook group to share your thoughts, talk to me, and engage with other fans.
  • Exclusive giveaways only for members (early physical ARCs, releases, swag, etc.)
  • Promotional materials to give out, to show your friends how awesome you are.
  • Promotional materials to keep for yourself, to remind yourself how awesome you are.
  • Autographed copies of books, bookmarks, postcards, and more
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions or live “hangouts”

Here are some things that Street Team members are encouraged (not required!) to do. The #1 rule for members is: just share/promote what you feel comfortable sharing/promoting! Each little bit goes a long way.


  • Tell people you know about the books and share with friends & family to help spread the word.
  • Buy the books during the first week of release – this helps get books on bestseller lists.
  • Ask your local library to order my books, give the librarians the title, name, and link.
  • Leave promo materials at local book stores, coffee shops, or library – with permission!


  • Create and share memes
  • Encourage people to like my author pages and visit my website
  • Urge people who enjoy my writing to sign up for my newsletter
  • Participate in scavenger hunts (these are pretty infrequent, so this is an easy one)
  • Post and share pictures of the book (for example if you see it in B&N, Lifeway, Books-a-million, etc.)
  • Post and comment on reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, CBD, etc., and share where you’ve posted reviews
  • Participate in Bookstagram and contribute to the book’s hashtag
  • Share on your own fantastic social media ideas, whether that’s posting about the book, posting photos about you finding the book in a bookstore, sharing stories about how someone stole your copy while you were getting a haircut/shave/pedicure (this actually happened!), etc.

Feature reviews, excerpts or anything else on your blog, website, Facebook, etc…

My goal in all of this is to get the word out to as many people as possible about my books in general and about my upcoming releases in particular. If you’re interested in becoming a member of my Street Team, please fill out this Google form. The Google form will put you on the Street Team mailing list & will let me send you special stuff, too!

 Much love to all and thank you for your support! Seriously, for a marketing-challenged person like me, this is huge and I’m so grateful.