A few years ago when I gave a draft of The Wounded Shadow to my beta readers, I had the feeling that something about my novel didn’t quite fit. Over the years, I’ve learned to trust my “writey sense.” Regardless, I didn’t want to prejudice my readers by telling them of my misgivings. Instead, I met with them as a group after they’d all read the book and asked them which of the plot lines felt like it fit the least. Three out of four of them said Toria Deel’s, confirming my own intuition. What came of that was a total rewrite of a portion of the novel totalling about 35 thousand words.

But the original draft of Toria’s plot line contained some significant pieces of world-building that I thought were important. Plus, there are a lot of scenes here that I really enjoyed writing. At any rate, I’ve collected these outtakes and smoothed them somewhat for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy them and if you have questions, drop me a line.

Here is Toria’s original story: Toria Deel PDF