I’m going to come clean – I’m one of those persons who makes a lot of plans for the New Year and like most of those who fall into that category, I probably miss on the great majority. Yet, every year, I find myself sitting down to take stock and trying to figure out where I want to be and what I want to do, as if being a teacher and a writer and a husband and a dad and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera wasn’t enough. There’s is something about a new beginning that makes me hope for a better future. It doesn’t matter how often the past and the present let me down, I get excited with every new year, new job, new set of students. I’m probably being foolish, but new projects excite me.

Don’t believe me?

You’re reading the evidence of my affliction. Yes, one of my plans is to blog regularly this year. Oh! But I also want to make some major progress on learning jazz pianojazzpiano (Thanks, Patrick!)

And I’m going to interview to be an assistant principal.


And I would really like to do something about the yard (it’s mostly weeds).

However, I would like your help. What blog topics would you be interested in reading?

1. Writing instruction/insights – Everything from when/how to characterization/plot.

2. How to fix the public education system – I’m really not kidding, but this will probably offend everybody.

3. What it’s like to really want to be good at something in spite of having very little talent for it – I mean me learning jazz piano.

4. How to see the world through a mathematical lens. This topic will also be surprisingly offensive. Sorry about that.

5. Other – pick your own. If you want me to write a blog on a topic, let me know (I have some great videos on how to make perfect fudge).

So there you have it. Suggestion? Comments? Pithy quips? Amusing anecdotes?