I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. This is the theme song my son wrote and performed for my debut novel, A Cast of Stones. I did the video, which explains why the visual isn’t as good as the audio. 🙂

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News: The Darkwater Saga is being featured on WikiEzvid.com. Thanks to the people running the wiki for the shout out. I hope you will give them a look. Here’s the link: Wikiezvid.com

Just a quick entry on the writing journey. “The Wounded Shadow” has released and the reviews for it and the entire Darkwater series are very positive. However, drawing readers to any kind of fantasy writing under the christian fiction umbrella remains a challenge. I had lunch with a good friend this last week who told me point blank. “If you weren’t my friend, I would have never found your books.” Not because he didn’t enjoy them, but because they’re simply not accessible. This has been a problem that I’ve struggle with for quite some time now. Several solutions have been attempted, but the problem remains intractable. However, I am not giving up, but I will be looking at more radical solutions in the future. It basically comes down to this: writing without the possibility of success is soul-crushing. And while different people define success in different ways, it’s difficult for me to justify the time and energy that I could spend elsewhere.

I got to meet Jim Butcher! For those of you who don’t recognize that name, Jim Butcher is the author of “The Dresden Files,” a NYT #1 Bestseller. He is also one of the writers that I would put in “The Big Three” of Fantasy authors with George R. R. Martin (assuming he’s still writing), Brandon Sanderson, and Jim Butcher. I was fortunate enough to get to ask him a question during signing about what technique or discipline he uses to pace his novels. This is an area where I consider Butcher to be one of the best. Off the top of my head, there is only one other author I would place ahead of him, and that’s Michael Crichton, who unfortunately passed away some years ago.

Writing Update: I am working on a novel, that is something of a departure from my usual fantasy fare. I’m a little over 20k words in and will be pitching it to my agent and editor at ACFW this fall. It’s an idea that I’ve nursed for at least ten years and I finally decided to put it to paper while I lay the groundwork for the next series I’ll be writing. This is a one-off, which is both good and bad. For people who don’t like series, it will be great. If you do like series, sorry

Anyway, until next time, much love.